Prickly Pear Cactus Handcrafted Metal Front Door Wreath

$ 149.95

Available in two sizes, 16” and 23”, this all-weather, galvanized steel (metal) Southwestern style wreath is uniquely handcrafted here in the USA by skilled artisans and it is a work of art that will take you through many seasons of joy. Our artisans have finished this realistic looking wreath in a patina finish and have captured lots of exquisite detail in each section of the cactus, as well as, the occasional prickly pear blooms. You can get very stylish with this wreath by hanging it up as is, or decorate it with red colors for Christmas, or orange colors for fall and it will make a statement for every season. And… we say, don’t limit yourself to purchasing a wreath for just the Southwestern region of the USA because this wreath will create quite a statement anywhere you hang it. Great for taking camping to hang on your RV as well as your home and this will become quite a conversation starter for sure. The metal has been powder coated so it is rust resistant and the sun will not fade the color or beauty of the metal. It comes with hanging ring and felt pads on the back for easy hanging. On occasion, some variances in color can occur during the final finishing process due to humidity levels that can’t be controlled, but will dissipate with outdoor exposure. Overall sizes of these two wreaths are: 16” wreath is 4” deep and weighs 3 pounds; the 23” wreath is 5” deep and weighs 8 pounds. This item ships within 10 days.