Ebony Black Metal Indoor/Outdoor Pumpkin Candle Luminary Lantern Set

$ 179.95

Our pumpkin set is handcrafted and will certainly brighten and lighten up your walkway, your patio or even your indoor table décor. The exquisite creativity in these pumpkins is so beautiful and detailed. Whether you use them together or separately, they make a magical statement for fall and Halloween decorations, as well as, Thanksgiving decorations and equally great for both inside and outside décor.  Our extra large ebony black pumpkin is 25"H x 15"W and has a 10” wide opening at the bottom to add a flameless candle, 3-wick jar candle or battery puck light of your choice. Our petite ebony black pumpkin is 12.5"H x 9"W with a 5.25” wide opening at the bottom. Our steel construction pumpkins are rust-proof, powder coated, UV resistant and so great for creating indoor or outdoor beauty, season after season. They will immediately light up any space, day or night. The large pumpkin weighs 12 pounds and the petite pumpkin weighs 3 pounds. These pumpkins pair well with all of our pumpkin and gourds. These items ship in 5-7 days. 


Orange and White Metal Indoor/Outdoor Pumpkin Candle Luminary Lantern Set – these pumpkins are the same sizes as the ones mentioned above.