3 Arm Bird Feeder Pole Set with Squirrel Baffle

$ 159.95

Made in the USA, this heavy duty feeder pole system includes everything you need to hang three bird feeders, or a combination of a feeder and a bird house, plus it includes a squirrel baffle to ensure squirrels don't reach your feeders. The pole system twists into the ground 8-10” for stability, then allowing you to hang anything you choose, from feeders, houses and possibly flower baskets, hummingbird feeders and other idea of your choice. Complete with easy to install instructions. This item ships in 4-5 days.

Additional Features include:

  • This 3 arm pole set is a perfect place to display your bird feeder or bird houses or hanging baskets
  • Made from heavy duty steel, the pole features a squirrel baffle to keep squirrels away from your bird feeders
  • Pole system can extend out to 60" above ground
  • Complete pole set comes in 7 easy to assemble pieces
  • Package includes a 3-section heavy duty 16 gauge wall