Aubergine and Harvest Gold Dried and Preserved Magnolia Wreath

$ 159.95
Available in three sizes, 18’, 23” and 28” and ready for the ohh’s and ahh’s of beauty. It is an beautiful wreath for fall, but don’t limit its beauty to just a season. This dried and preserved magnolia wreath creation, which has been handcrafted and assembled, here in the USA, by skilled artisans who share the love for their craft through their eye for exquisite detail.  Each magnolia leaf is cut fresh, then dried and turned and placed onto this wreath to give it an abundance of fullness.  Once the leaves are all intricately layered to make the wreath to fullness and size, then an assortment of hues of gorgeous golden hydrangeas, yarrow, wheat and vibrant aubergine celosia intermingle among the magnolia leaves to create a stunning wreath sure to welcome the fall harvest season and certainly beyond! And then chocolate canella berries and lotus pods are added for additional depth along with the placement of mini pumpkins intricately added for the festive fall colors and additional beauty. Each wreath comes with instruction on how to care for and preserve your wreath for years of use.  It can be displayed indoors or outdoors in a protected area. Be sure to display this wreath so it can be appreciated and… get ready for lots of complements! This wreath ships in 3-4 days.