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Boho Blue and Gold Round Metal Wall Planters - set of 2

$ 142.44 $ 113.95

This elegant set of handcrafted metal wall planters will certainly add a bit of tropical or nautical vibe to your home. Each planter elegantly shows off the embossed tropical palm design on the boho blue background, then brushed with gold to add extra bling and sparkle to your indoor space. They will add a touch of class to your living room, entryway, hallway, study or indoor patio and will certainly highlight the beauty of any artificial foliage you add to them. Size of planters are: larger: 15.00 W x 4.50 D x 15.00 H inches, while the small planter measures 12.00 W x 3.25 D x 12.00 H inches. Both have ring attachments for easy mounting. They easily clean by wiping away dust, dirt an smudges with a damp piece of cloth.  These planters ship in 4-5 days.