Hummingbird Feeder / Meal Worm Feeder Combination Bird Feeder, Set of 2

$ 109.95

This set includes two sets heavy duty hummingbird/meal worm feeder will give the versatility to use as feeder all year long. Each set set comes with four (4) interchangeable pieces that includes a black metal sphere which is 6 inches wide x 7-1/2 inches tall, a 4 inch round recycled glass cup, a red top glass hummingbird feeder lid and a black metal wall mounting hook. The metal sphere has a hook at the top so you can hang it from the wall mounted hook, or if you so choose, you can hang it from a shepherds hook, or other method of your choosing. You can hang multiple feeders, shown below, by hooking them together. (see pictures) You can use this as a hummingbird feeder in the summer, when you have an abundance of hummers and then remove the red glass top to expose a cup to hold meal worms other times of the year, or use it just for water to give your birds a place to get a sip or refreshing water. This piece can also be used indoors as well as outdoors as a terrarium.   We have shown a picture of this for you to envision the versatility and use of this piece. We also sell this as one set and can be bought separately as: Hummingbird Feeder / Meal Worm Feeder Combination Bird Feeder. This item ships in 3-5 days.