Extra Large Square Recycled Glass Hurricane Fillable Candle Holder Vase Terrarium

$ 169.95

This generously oversized recycled glass hurricane can be used candle holder (as shown), as a vase or as a terrarium. Its extra large size, 12” tall x 8” square can really make a statement for the holidays, as well as other occasions or just plain old every day beautiful usage. The candles shown in our picture are supported by an elevated metal tray and provides space beneath the tray for accent pieces such as flowers, sand, shells, leaves, fruit, floating candles, candy, and of course holiday decorations to make a unique statement.  Because of its size, you can add 1 candle or two candles or just one large candle. Great for wax candles or LED candles. To change the look of this hurricane, just remove the metal tray and you can use this is a vase, terrarium and probably even add a fish or two. This item is great for every season, just add your decoration in the bottom and it will look different and beautiful every time. Candles shown are not included. This item ships in 5-7 days.