Gnomes in the Forest Reversible Indoor Outdoor Lumbar Word Pillows – 18”x13”

$ 49.95

Made in the USA, these beautiful set of vibrant 18x13’” reversible throw pillows are weather resistant and will create a very versatile and inviting environment both indoors and outdoors. You can use them as pillows or cushions but be sure to display them where they can be appreciated and cherished.

This set of two pillows have been manufactured with quality made weather resistant fabric, durable stitching and vivid colors that will add color and coziness to your home or garden.

The front of the pillow features a colorful Gnome holding a fresh picked daisy while in the forest amongst mushrooms and more flowers and the phrase: Adventure Awaits. The reverse has a different Gnome smelling the daisies and the phrase: Savor the gmoment written on that side. Such colorful and fun pillows that will be enjoyed by the whole family. We sell these as a set of two so you have the option of turning each one to a different side to create the perfect.

These pillows ship in 5-6 days.