Hanging Hummingbird Feeder With Dome and Ant Moat

$ 49.95

Made in the USA of unbreakable polycarbonate, this rose colored hanging hummingbird feeder is also backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. With 3 feeding ports, this feeder is an ideal size for those territorial hummingbirds to claim their own feeding station. With a capacity of 4 oz, it also features a hanging hook at the top of the feeder, a dome and ant moat, which has magnetic adaptors to easily detached from the feeder for filling and cleaning. The dome and ant moat will help to keep the sugary food from those pesky ants at bay and allow the hummingbirds to feed without interruption.

The feeder size is 5.00 (D) x 5.50 (W) x 2.40 (H) inches in size and the dome and ant moat is 7.50 (D) x 7.50 (W) x 1.75 (H) inches.

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