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Hummingbird Handcrafted Clay Birdbath Set

$ 139.95 $ 209.95

These birdbaths are in high demand and from time to time they are temporarily out of stock. If the birdbath you order is out of stock we will email you with that information. They are certainly worth the wait.  Now available in two finishes… our brand new finish with the same beautiful hummingbird birdbath but now in a soft gray stain and our longtime favorite, in moss green finish. The new soft gray finish is so pretty and the hummingbirds and all the colors really stand out with its amazing contrast in colors. Both of these birdbaths feature an interlocking pedestal style birdbath that has been handcrafted by skilled artisan here in the USA.  The base and birdbath bowl is handcrafted from clay and hand processed, fired in kilns and then hand painted and stained with exquisite detail and beauty. The inside of the birdbath has been glazed for sealing the ceramic to hold the water in the bowl. The beautiful detailing of hummingbirds with bring colored flowers and both the gray and moss green staining makes these absolutely stunning pieces to add to your garden. The top bowl interlocks onto the base to hold it securely together and you will enjoy it for many many years to come. In colder climates, it is advisable to remove the birdbath top to prevent cracking or add a de-icer for winter.   Size is 22 inches high x 17 inches in diameter. Ships in 7-10 days.