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Ibis Metal Coastal Bird Garden Statues - Set of 2

$ 89.95 $ 69.95

Create a beautiful garden setting at your beach home and they will gracefully accent wherever you place them. Get ready for lots of complements with this set of coastal Ibis birds. The black and white coloring has been hand painted with exquisite feather detail on sturdy, thick metal. The powder coated finish protects these birds for outdoor use and years of beautiful metal garden art display. Each Ibis comes with an 4" ground stake to secure the statue to the ground as well as removable legs for easier shipment/storage if you so choose.  Dimensions: Ibis up bird is 15.25"x5"x20.75" and Ibis down bird is 17"x5.5"x15.75". These items ship in 4-5 days.