North Carolina Blue Colors Collegiate Handcrafted Pinecone Wreath (customizable)

$ 79.95

Handcrafted from handpicked, North Carolina pinecones, this nature inspired wreath also includes cotton, intricately placed within the pinecones to add additional color and a touch of southern charm. The colors in this wreath can represent your team spirit colors OR we can custom make one for you that does. Our artisan has created this wreath in light blue (Carolina colors) and Dark Blue (Blue Devil Colors). Each pinecone has been individually cut, beautifully painted and placed to create wreath that shows quality craftsmanship. This 15” wreath can be hung outdoors in a protected area, or in your home to show off your love for your team.  It does not have to be a team wreath, just a beautiful blue wreath that coordinates beautifully in your home. You can add a logo or bow to dress this wreath up that shows your sense of creativity.

This item ships in 7-10 days.