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Orange Velvet Sunflower Metal Bird Feeder Garden Statuary

$ 59.95

This 34” tall metal flowering sculpture has been handcrafted from durable, all-weather steel construction that is UV/fade resistant and rust proof for ultimate outdoor weather endurance, beauty and performance! Exquisitely painted in a bright golden yellow color and contrasted with a brown front mesh bird seed station, it provides all of us bird lovers with colorful year round garden art and a colorful bird feeder all in one!. It holds 12 oz. of seed and works well with small seed types. Seed can easily be refilled from the back side of the flower. It features a heavy duty garden stake with extended leaves and an in-ground foot stake. Some very easy assembly is required.  Size is 34” tall x 13” wide. How to squirrel proof your feeder … Add cayenne pepper/chili powder to seed, birds can't taste it and squirrels hate it. This item ships in 5-7 days.