Pastel Blue High Gloss Hand Painted Porcelain Birdbath

$ 129.95

This compact birdbath may be smaller than the rest of our birdbaths, but its detailed design more than makes up for it. At 13" L x 13" W x 15" H, it's a perfect fit for any size space. You can even get creative and use it as a decorative bird feeder! The porcelain pedestal boasts a charming pastel blue finish with intricate sculpted accents. And don't forget about the birdbath bowl, also hand-painted in the same soothing hue and adorned with lovely coral flowers and greenery. To really make the colors pop in your garden, we've added a sunny yellow trim to the rim. This birdbath may be smaller, but it's definitely not limited to balconies and decks - let your imagination run wild!