Pheasant Friends Metal Garden Statuary - Set of 2

$ 149.95

This set of metal yard art statuary will really make you wonder if you really have pheasants in your garden. They have been handcrafted by skilled artisans who have an eye for detail as well as a love for their craft and, as you will see when they arrive. In their creation, the metal feathers have been embossed and then hand painted with multiple layers of automobile grade paint to be able to weather the elements of nature. You will see the detail and beauty immediately. This is a great gift for the pheasant hunter in your life. These birds are large and the sizes are: Bird standing is 22.50" long 6.25" wide x 15.25" high and the bird facing down is 24.50" long x 6.25"  wide x 16" tall. When you put them in your garden, people are going to take a double take, as they are very authentic looking metal garden yard art for sure. These items ship in 4-5 days.