Reclaimed Bourbon Head Cheese Tray (customizable)

$ 99.95

Serve your guests, as well as yourselves, in style with this reclaimed rustic wood cheese tray….. it is certainly charcuterie board ready.  Made in the USA from reclaimed and recycled wood bourbon head barrels, and new handles that have been also custom made from the metal of the bourbon barrels.  This tray can be purchased with or without your own personal message or you can request the tray to have the original stamp that was used for that barrel while aging. Each custom made to order tray is unique and authentic and no two are exactly alike…. making yours a one of a kind masterpiece. The wood is oiled with a food-safe natural finish. Please note: our picture with personalization shows the OLD handles that we used to use and the other picture shows the new handles. We did not have a picture of the tray customized at this time. 

- Size is 21" long x 8" wide
- No two alike, and can vary in tone
- Oiled with food-safe natural finish
- Can be customizable

 This item ships in 2-3 weeks