Recycled Scrap Metal Springer the Cocker Spaniel Dog Statuary

$ 47.95

Completely handcrafted from scrap metal, this piece is made by skilled artisans here in the USA, who have an eye for detail and creativity with the use of metal scraps that would otherwise been discarded. This adorable cocker has a valve spring for his body and the cutest stub cocker tail to boot. Each of our pieces is individually made to order, and each one is an absolute piece of craftsmanship in the making and you are going to love it. Overall size is 6” long x 4” wide x 7” tall and awaits a place in your home or garden. For garden use, we recommend the use of a clear coat of acrylic enamel such as Krylon or Rustoleum to prevent rusting of the metal. This item ships in 7-10 days.