University of Tennessee Vols Collegiate Rain Gauge Garden Stake Weathervane

$ 89.95

Made in the USA, this weathervane is a unique gift for the Tennessee Vols football collegiate team or baseball collegiate team lover in your life. It is a great way to show love and appreciation for your college sports team while adding a piece of decorative metal yard art to your garden. This combination rain gauge and weathervane will add feature and function anywhere in your garden for many years to come and could soon be spinning, with the slightest of breezes, and collecting rain water at the same time.

This heavy duty metal piece has been handcrafted of a heavy, 14 gauge steel, and then put through a three step finishing process to create a beautiful piece of garden art that is well made and beautifully finished and comes with rubber grommet and glass vial, for collecting rain, which can be placed anywhere on the 60 inch garden stake.. The entire piece, weathervane and rain gauge bracket, has been zinc plated for better powder coating adhesion and durability, then three coats of antique copper power coating is baked on for a hammered copper look. Finally, a clear powder coating is baked on to protect the finish against UV rays. It provides a durable, scratch resistant finish which allows us to offer a one year guarantee on the finish and a lifetime warranty on workmanship. Sealed ball bearings are used in the wind cups to keep them spinning freely with even the slightest breeze.  Each design top is laser cut in one piece, minimizing welding and making them a unique addition to your outdoor space and the rich hammered antique copper color looks beautiful anywhere in your garden.

Each weathervane set includes the weathervane, a 60 inch tall garden stake, which fits over an in ground stabilizing ground stake to keep your weathervane sturdy and upright, rain gauge grommet and glass water collection vial, along with easy to read and assemble instructions. The design top arrow is 21 inches in length x 10.5 inches wide.

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