3 Common Misconceptions About Bird Baths That Are Simply Not True

3 Common Misconceptions About Bird Baths That Are Simply Not True

Setting up a birdbath is an easy and effective way to draw birds as well as other small animals into your backyard or garden. There are, however, some myths and misconceptions about birdbaths that you may have heard. Not only are they not true, but they can also lead to unsafe or unhealthy baths that can prove to be a dangerous environment to your feathered friends. So, in this blog, we have decided to dispel some of these misconceptions so that you can provide clean and safe water for the birds, and attract more of them in the process. Read on to find out what they are.

  1. Not all birds use birdbaths

This is probably one of the most common birdbath misconceptions. The truth is that all birds need drinking water, and they also need water for bathing and preening. Birds that are not interested in the seeds you put out for them may still visit your backyard for the clean, fresh bath. Moreover, other garden-variety wildlife like squirrels and butterflied may also benefit from it.

  1. Deeper baths are better

No, they are not. While it may seem like a deeper bath can hold more water and thus provide more water to the birds, it can actually be quite dangerous. Birdbaths should ideally be 1 to 3 inches deep.  If they are deeper than that, even the biggest birds may not be able to bathe properly. Moreover, it also increases the risk of drowning.

  1. Cleaning a birdbath is a lot of work

Cleaning a birdbath is not as troublesome as you may have been led to believe. There are various cleaners and safe chemicals that can be added to the bath to keep it clean and hygienic. And when properly maintained and cleaned regularly, you don’t need to apply much elbow grease while cleaning. Most of our birdbaths have lock on tops that you can twist off and remove for cleaning.

So, if you have ever had these misconceptions hold you back from installing birdbaths in your backyard, now you can go ahead and get one. Browse through our online store to find birdbaths and other animal lovers’ decor for sale. In the Garden and More is your go-to destination to buy animal lovers decor products online.

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