Molten Glass and Wood Root Decor

Our collection of handcrafted molten glass on wood sculptures come in a variety of styles and shapes. They are available styles for use as glass vessels, vases, candle holders and fish bowl aquariums for smaller fish. You may ask, how is one of your molten glass and wood sculptures made?

One of our skilled artisans begins with the use of recycled glass and, about to be discarded, tree roots, that have been repurposed from cut trees that would have otherwise been discarded. Our artisans then take a root, get it ready for blowing and forming the hot molten glass to flow onto the wood form. Depending on the root size and his eye for detail, he may make a glass bowl vessel, a vase, a candle holder, etc.  What takes place next is a unique and beautiful sculpture that is a one of a kind creation. Our glass and wood sculptures come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are great for use as terrariums, glass atriums, using a variety of plants and/or succulents, as well as air plants. They make exceptional wedding centerpieces as well. You can add stones, candles, smaller artifacts and so much more. Since each piece is a one of a kind find, they vary in size and shape, some being a bit larger and some a bit smaller, but very close to what we are displaying. All that to say, when your unique piece arrives, you will enjoy a piece made especially for you.  The next step is to fill your hand blown glass container with something that is unique and beautiful.... designed and created by you.