Decorate Your Coffee Table Like A Pro With These 4 Simple Tips

Decorate Your Coffee Table Like A Pro With These 4 Simple Tips

No matter how many pieces of furniture you own, chances are your coffee table is one of the most essential pieces in your living space. And why not? It is, after all, so much more than just the perfect surface to place your plate of food or kick up your feet on a cozy movie night. A coffee table serves an aesthetic purpose, too. As a major focal point in the room, it pulls the rest of the furniture together and makes them look like one organic whole. In other words, your coffee table is as important in your living room as your couch or armchair. So, it is only right that you want to go the extra mile to decorate it to the nines.

Lucky for you, styling a coffee table isn’t the most difficult task, especially with our list of tips in hand.

  • Keep it balanced

  • A common mistake homeowners make when decorating their coffee tables is placing an assortment of tiny knick-knacks on them. This can make the surface look cluttered and chaotic. On the contrary, displaying only large items can often look jarring. You should be able to strike the right balance with a mix of large and small items.

  • Make it seasonal

  • An easy way to keep your interiors feeling new and fresh is to swap out your coffee table decor seasonally. For instance, you can display a bunch of florals in spring. In summer, you can swap them out for some greens. Fall calls for pumpkins and gourds, while nothing works their magic like candles in winter. You can even use our recycled molten glass sculptures as candle holders.

  • Embraces the highs and lows

  • Here’s another coffee table decor mistake you should avoid: Displaying items of the same height. When all the decor pieces are at the same level, nothing really attracts the eye. If you want the arrangement to be more eye-catching, make sure you vary the height and size of the decorative objects. For instance, you can place a candle holder next to some coffee table books.

  • Pick contrasting colors

  • If you want to inject your living space with some bright pops of color, your coffee table decor offers just the opportunity you need. Play off the color of the table when picking the decor. For instance, if your table is a neutral hue or a light brown wood, go with vibrant colors on top. For darker browns or black tables, metallics and white decor are the way to go.

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