Handcrafted Copper Hummingbird Perch Swings (set of 2)

$ 44.95

Handcrafted in the USA, these perches have been handcrafted of copper with a wood dowel for resting and features a red glass bead dangler that attracts birds.  Hummingbirds needs are food, water, nesting places and a place to perch and swing. Since hummingbirds tend to be territorial, they will use these perch swings to rest and also to watch over their food source… so better to have two of them than one. It is a great addition to add near your hummingbird feeders so you can enjoy watching them perch, swing and eat. An O ring at the top will allow you to hook them to a tree branch or a Shepherds Hook.. Size is 7” tall x 5.50 wide. These swings make a great Mother’s Day gift as well as Father’s Day gift that will last in your garden for years to come. Makes for an interesting garden décor expression and might even be used to entice other small birds. These items ship in 4-5 days.