Country Farmhouse Silo Metal Containers (Set of 3)

$ 179.95

These three large silos set a great tabletop scene, but they are also storage canister containers! Each roof features a bird so you can use to lift off the roof to store items you may not need or want out. Each one of the containers sits on its own silo platform and they certainly are an eye catching decoration for anywhere in your home. Use them on the floor or on a counter by adding an insert and you have an instant country or vintage metal cookie jar with metal lid. Whether you keep them together or use them separately, they will certainly come in handy for many uses and display your decorative farmhouse look at the same time. Container sizes are:  Large: 8½'' in diameter x 21'' high; Medium: 7¾'' in diameter x 18'' high; Small: 6¾'' in diameter x 17'' high. These items ship in 7-10 days.