Blooming Blue Bonnets Indoor/Outdoor Pillows, 18” (Set of 2)

$ 64.95

These beautiful blue bonnet pillows will add color and beauty to your outdoor and indoor space. The striking blooms are vibrant and colorful and will allow you to show creativity and style to your home...You don’t have to be a Texan to absolutely love these pillows. The Climaweave fabric is constructed to withstand the elements and look beautiful season after season. Each pillow is treated before and after the digital printing process onto the fabric to achieve color brightness and durability. They are filled with recycled polyester fiberfill and are a generous 18 inches x 18 inches square. You can use these pillows indoors or outdoors and you also can use them as a cushion and a back for a chair. They are great around the pool, on your patio, a sofa bed or anywhere you want to add a touch of beauty to your indoor or outdoor décor. These pillows ship in 5-7 days.