Sleeping Kitty Handcrafted Wood Stool Footstool

$ 69.95

This hand carved wooden stool was created by skilled artisans who have a love for their craft and their exquisite detail shows in every piece that they create. Cat lovers will rejoice when they see this lovely wooden stool. It is wonderfully detailed with a sleeping kitty all curled up, like kitties love to do. Once it was carved, it was stained in a dark finish and accented with a red collar and black ears and tail. These stools have proven to be handy in the bathroom for children.  This is a great piece for the cat lover adult or for a children’s room. These stools have proven to be handy for dozens of uses by adults and children and they sturdy enough to endure years and years of use. Great for indoor or outdoor use. If used outdoors we suggest you add polyurethane to protect the finish. Size is 10 inches tall x 11 inches wide and 9-1/2 inches deep. This item ships in 4-5 days.