Azure Blue Gloss Tabletop Fiber Clay Birdbath

$ 109.95

Our birdbath is unlike anything you’ve ever seen! It features the beauty of ceramic/clay birdbaths with the durability of fiber clay, it is impact and shatter-resistant and will add elegance and function to any garden for years to come. Fiber clay is made up of 70 percent clay, 25 percent plastic and 5 percent fiber and provides more durability over time and is less fragile than ceramic and clay birdbaths. Our tabletop birdbath is easy to use and move throughout your garden or add to your patio. It is also very useful as a tabletop bird feeder… giving you many options for usage. It features a smooth gloss finish bowl with UV protection and easy clean-up and reduce staining. The clever design also features a hollow matte finished base that can be weighted with sand for stability. The threaded birdbath bowl top screws into base for a tight-locking fit with quick and easy set-up! Like most birdbaths, it is important to remove water during winter to prevent damage to the bowl.  Size is 20.00 (D) x 20.00 (W) x 9.00 (H) inches. This item ships in 4-5 days.  


Azure Blue Gloss Tabletop Fiber Clay Birdbath

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