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Beneficial Bee and Insect Hotel

$ 39.95

Invite a variety of habitat dwellers into your garden to improve the health of your plants.  This roomy bug and insect hotel  is made of wood and is 11” tall x  5.18” wide x 5” deep, with many different compartments and a multitude of hiding places for these beneficial bugs and insects to dwell.  It is the perfect house for ladybugs, mason bees, moths, worms, butterflies, snails, slugs, spiders, centipedes, beetles and more.

Add this house to a flowerbed, or other garden spot or landscaped areas that would attract bugs that will gladly care for your plants.

The inner bamboo tube compartment is replaceable for easy clean up and to add to a new attracting of beneficial bug season.

This item ships in 5-7 days.