Blue Glow in the Dark Counter-Motion Wind Spinner

$ 169.95

This mesmerizing, glow in the dark, hand blown glass and metal kinetic windwheel wind spinner is sure to become a focal point anywhere you want to add fun, function and curb appeal. The blue metal counter motion paddles will catch the wind on a windy day and rotate in opposite directions via perpetual motion. In the center of the paddles sits a beautiful blue handblown glass globe which has luminescent crystals inside the ball, allowing it to store light energy during the day and release it at night in the form of a subtle green glow. Glow duration may last up to 3 - 4 hours into the night. All metal parts of this yard art accessory have an antique bronze powder coat finish applied to withstand the harshest of elements and prevent premature rusting. This 3 piece stake stands 52” tall and requires no tools for assembly. Size is a stately 17.75" x 15" x 52" when assembled. This item ships in 4-5 days.