Butterfly Fruit and Nectar Feeder with Nectar

$ 44.95

This bright yellow 12 oz. capacity feeder features feeding stations and fruit trays and will allow you to attract a variety of butterflies. It is the perfect complement to any nature enthusiast that loves to see nature up close and personal. It also features a built-in ant moat will deter those pesky pests. Made of high-impact polycarbonate construction it is dishwasher safe and comes a hanging hook in addition to a lifetime guarantee. To make it easier to attract butterflies, we have included two 7.50 ounces per pouch of nectar to get you started, but you will have to provide your own fruit. Butterflies favor strawberries, mangoes, oranges, and watermelon. The nectar is specially formulated for butterflies with a combination of glucose, fructose, calcium salt, halide salt and amino acids.  This nectar can also be applied directly on flowers by spraying them with a fine mister bottle, Size is 9" wide x 9-1/2" high with handing hook. These items ship in 4-5 days. 


Yellow Poly Lumber Butterfly House with Pole Mount - This bright and beautiful butterfly house for your garden will add color for you, as well as a resting place to attract butterflies. It features an engraved butterfly silhouette on the front of the house along with a 2 piece in ground mounting pole.  Add it near flowers where butterflies love to collect and eat nectar. It is lovely yard art piece that has been constructed from 5/8" yellow poly lumber, which is actually recycled plastic jugs and bottles, and assembled with stainless steel screws.  This material is virtually indestructible, and it will never fade, crack or split.  It stands a stately 42" tall. Ships in 4-5 days.