Cedar Wood Mason Bee House and Planter

$ 79.95

This heavy duty combination cedar wood mason bee house and planter will give you the best of both worlds… attract bees to your garden, give them shelter and also create a space for them to pollinate your plants. This bee house gives them a cool place to thrive and repopulate and enables them to pollinate in the vicinity. The heavy duty bee house includes a planter with fabric liner with drain hole which provides adequate space and drainage for plant while keeping bee nest tubes dry. Mason Bees are attracted to flowering plants, such as vegetables, fruit trees & bushes, flowering annuals, perennials and vine plants. Their work in the Spring can determine the volume of fruit or vegetables that will be available to harvest. Place ideally near a source of mud and for best results, use near flowering plants known to attract bees, Bee Balm is perfect. The fiberboard nesting tubes should be replaced each spring after Mason Bees have emerged from their nests. Size is 8.00 (D) x 8.00 (W) x 14.00 (H) inches. This item ships in 4-5 days.


Also Available:

Replacement Mason Bee Nesting Tubes - These replacement fiberboard nesting tubes are replacement tubes for our Cedar Wood Mason Bee House and Planter. Add more valuable bee pollinators to your garden using Replacement Mason Bee Fiberboard Nesting Tubes for Mason Bee Shelter. Contains 94 tubes constructed of fiberboard.