Flameless LED Tea Light Candles with Timer (Set of 4)

$ 24.95 $ 21.95

These awesome little tea lights are the best things since sliced bread.  They come as a set of 4 and we can assure you that you will use every one of them. Use them indoors and outdoors. Great for a night light for children, to take camping and to add a bit of ambience in any room of your home. They will allow you to decorate in places previously not possible with traditional flame candles such as inside of bookcases, on windowsills or hard to reach fixtures and sconces… awesome for the holidays… any of them.  Whether you use them together or separately, you are going to get so much use out of them. These tea lights feature a realistic melted top look and are battery-powered, child and pet-safe and free of soot or wax mess and will provide you with many weeks of worry free glow time.  The next time you give a gift that requires a tea light candle, add one of these and you will get lots of complements on your thoughtfulness for add the candle that they did not have to get to get their gift up and glowing. Each tea light measures 1 3/8” x 1-1/2” and includes a 6 hour daily timer. Each tea light requires 2 CR2450 batteries which are included… so all you have to do it set the timer or just turn on the switch and you will have instant light and flowing. Because you are going to use these so much, we also sell them as a set of 8…Flameless LED Tea Light Candles with Timer (Set of 8), sold separately. These ship in 4-5 days.