Fragrant Marjoram and Eucalyptus Leaves Wreath (20”)

$ 129.95

This custom made to order wreath is simple and elegant and will give your home a fragrant smell of eucalyptus as well as sweet marjoram. This preserved and dried 20” in diameter wreath features white statice strategically placed along with sweet marjoram and lots of eucalyptus leaves to create a wreath that is full, very green with lovely touches of white… all of which has been grown and harvested here in the USA  It is so beautiful on a wall, hanging from a wreath hook and also makes a wonder gift. You can add a gift message along with this wreath... just fill in what you want us to say and we will add a gift message to your order. This item ships in 2-3 days.  

Optional Accessory:  Over the Door Metal Wreath Hanger

Our 14.5” long black metal, over the door, wreath hanger allows you to hang your wreath immediately, that is if you don’t already have one. Our hanger makes it so easy and convenient to hang your wreath and you don’t have to add more nails or cords to an existing door. You will be able to use this over and over for this wreath or a new wreath when needed.  The hanger simply hooks over the top of your door and drops down the front of the door approximately 14".