Fresh Moss Indoor Outdoor Door and Wall Art Letters

$ 74.95
Handcrafted here in the USA, every letter of the alphabet can be made into a decorative letter for displaying on a wall, on a door, on a bench and more. These very decorative moss covered letters are 18-20" high and made with freshly picked live green moss, then wrapped around a wood laminate base. The letters will age naturally over time, giving them another delightful look. They are designed to bring style to a wedding, anniversary, birthday party and each use will reflect your unique personality, family history and most of all, your love story. Order any letter A-Z, or order three or more to spell out any word, or add a heart or ampersand. A satin, cream colored ribbon is included to add flair and enable you to hang the letter on a door, wall, etc.  or other space if you so choose. These items ship in 3-4 days.