Garden Birds Handcrafted Wood Footstool

$ 74.95

These beautifully hand carved and hand painted and hand stained stools will soon become a favorite in your home or in your garden. Our bluebird stool, cardinal stool, goldfinch stool, hummingbird stool, snow owl stool, and our new red wing black bird stools feature amazing detail and will bring the love of birds into your home. These stools have also been proven to be handy for children for seating as well as in bathroom steps and adults love the flexibility of uses for them as well.  They can be used as a plant stand, seating, quick step stool and so much more. This is a great gift for the bird lover adult or for a children’s room. They are sturdy enough to endure years and years of use. Great for indoor and occasional outdoor use. Size is 10 inches tall x 11 inches in diameter. These items ships in 5-7 days.   


Cardinal Handcrafted Wood Stool Footstool

Hummingbird Handcrafted Wood Stool Footstool

Snow Owl Handcrafted Wood Stool Footstool