Grande Gazebo Cedar Large Capacity Bird Feeder Set

$ 249.95

If you love feeding birds, this stand alone, large capacity, hopper style, bird feeder is for you! This feeder comes complete with gazebo bird feeder, made here in the USA, an in-ground mounting pole, seed scoop, to easily add seed to the feeder, mounting bracket, and squirrel baffle, and… it holds an astonishing 11.5 quarts of seed to keep birds well-fed for some time. This feeder will make it easy to display your yard, while discouraging squirrels from dining because of the baffle that sits under the feeder to frustrate them and keep them away. The hexagonal, cedar frame with clear plastic panels ensure viewing of feed levels and all your backyard birds remain visible, and gaps on the base of each allow them to reach their treat. The included seed scoop makes it simple to fill the piece while remaining tidy, and the roof fully removes to accommodate this. Place this significant reservoir on the included, telescoping metal pole for a fantastic and versatile display. An included, plastic ground socket installs into soil to support this pole, and a plastic mounting bracket holds the feeder in place atop it. Key locks keep the three metal pole sections at the right extension, and each can be twisted and removed for raising and lowering the feeder as desired. A 13.375" diameter, plastic baffle also slides onto this pole, shielding the feeder from squirrels, and a finial threads onto the feeder roof to prevent animals from lifting it and pilfering seed. Crafted from rot-resistant cedar, hardy plastic, and robust metal, this feeding station brings a classic look to your garden for many seasons, and the brown tones on the frame accent your existing flora. The large size and six sides of the feeder allow several birds to dine with ease, and the included pole enables you to place it in an open spot in your landscaping. The feeder size is 15.5"L x 17.5"W x 17.5"H. This item ships in 2-3 days.