Handcrafted Wooden Reindeer Statue – Made in the USA

$ 109.95

Proudly handcrafted in the USA, this interlocking reindeer is sure to become a beloved Christmas character year after year. Each piece is precision cut to join together, just like a wooden puzzle. The white antlers beautifully contrast the brown body of the deer and then his white tail just makes the whole piece become spectacular. Oh and did we mention, he also had a red nose… could it truly be Rudolph? This quality made reindeer is a fun piece to keep up for a good portion of winter as well. The solid wood is 1.125" thick pieces of wood form a robust and durable statue that can be showcased in your yard for many winter seasons. It includes metal rods that easily install into predrilled holes on two feet, anchoring the item in soil. The rough cut of the wood showcases its grain and texture, reminiscent of fur. To put away for another year, this Item disassembles easily for compact, flat storage when not in use. Size is 32"L x 19.75"W x 51"H and weighs 19 pounds once assembled. A fun piece for displaying for the whole family. You can add lights on him, clothing or anything else to make him your own! This item ships in 2 days.