Large Recycled Molten Glass and Wood Root Sculpture (10"x11")

$ 299.95

This unique, one of a kind, piece began with skilled artisans selecting a piece of a wood root and then blowing recycled glass that has been melted and molten onto the shape of the root. As the glass begins to flow and cradling the form of the wood, a spectacular piece begins emerging. The glass vessel that can be filled with items of your own imagination and two pieces are alike because of the variances in the wood as well as the shape of the glass.  We are showing you a picture of what some have looked like and you get a bit of a surprise, and delight, when yours arrives. But… if you have a specific request like wanting an item with more wood, or more glass and less wood, we will glad to look through our inventory for that item and send you a picture so you can see what we would be shipping you. Just email us with your request and we will get busy looking for that special item for you. The glass bowl can be used as a terrarium or a vase or even a candle holder and decorating it will show your own style and creativity. We have customers that change them from season to season to create a spectacular center piece for their table, counter, etc. Wherever or however you display this wonderful piece, you are going to receive rave reviews. The bowl will come wrapped separately on top of the wood root, just unwrap it and place it onto the wood and it will fit right in place.  Overall size of this piece is 10” tall x 11” wide. In some units, it can be a bit larger due the variations in wood and glass. We do not recommend this piece be used as a fish bowl as the large glass may be too thin to withstand the pressure of water.