Portable and Rechargeable Indoor Outdoor LED Moon Lantern

$ 99.95

Light up your favorite spaces with our minimalist, portable, and rechargeable LED Moon lantern. This lantern can be tuned to daylight, moonlight, and sunset LED color tones and features a sleek anodized aluminum base and handle (available in 3 color choices; Bronze, Marine Blue and Evergreen) that slides up or down for portability and storage. Our moon lantern is cordless and will last 10-12 hours on a single charge. It is easy to recharge with the included indoor power cord and 120V USB wall adapter. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, this amazing lantern is durable enough to be used year-round and will be appreciated for parties, special occasions and much more! Size is: 6.7” in diameter x 9.4” in height and made of metal and plastic | Run Time: 10-12 hrs. This item ships in 4-5 days.