Pristine White Vinyl Country Corner Picket Fence

$ 149.95

Our Pristine White Vinyl Country Corner Picket Fence will create a clean, pristine and charming look anywhere in your garden. The classic white color and design of this fence lends to great curb appeal and style. Each of the three square posts has a pointed endcap, while the interior posts have pointed tops to further the picket shape. The slats slope gradually upward toward the center, for height and drama on the item, and horizontal bars keep them stable. A locking tab on the bottom of each picket keeps it in place, for a sturdy and lasting fence. Insert the posts into the ground for final placement, and secure them with concrete (not included) for a permanent fixture. Crafted from vinyl, this fence will easily withstand use for several seasons without weathering or yellowing, and its white color furthers the clean and classic design. Assembly required. Our picket fence comes with a twenty year warranty.

Dimensions: 48"W each side x 43"H
Mounting: place posts in ground
Construction: vinyl
Mfg. Warranty: 20 year warranty
Shipping Weight: 21 lbs