Pristine White Vinyl Wishing Well Garden Structure - Made in the USA

$ 599.95

Made in the USA, our vinyl wishing well will add a decorative and pristine bright white to your garden, You can use it to cover up an unsightly section of your garden or hole and make a breathtaking statement at the same time.  The dual, square uprights support the pitched roof, while additional, shorter legs complete the hexagonal base section. Thin, vertical slats between dual horizontal ones create a beadboard look here, and the slight offset angle of each panel forms the fantastic, hexagonal effect. The bottomless lower section extends to 30.25" tall, perfect for disguising a pipe, utility box, or hiding your garden hose. Longer slats connect together to form the pitched roof, which rests perfectly on the taller uprights and included support arms. A round rod and crank beneath this completes the well effect, and can hold a small potted plant or bird bath or bird feeder for extra ornamentation. The sturdy, white vinyl construction contains the highest concentration of titanium dioxide available, stabilizing and protecting the material from ultraviolet rays, cracking, yellowing, warping, or peeling. The structure is simple to rest on a level surface in your yard, and its open center holds or surrounds items up to 27" in diameter in moments. This provides the utmost versatility for the sculpture, and its vivid white finish remains bold against foliage. Assembly required. Comes with a. twenty year warranty.

Interior Dimensions: 30.5"L x 28.25"W x 30.25"H
Overall Dimensions: 43.25"W x 36"D x 70"H
Mounting: place on level surface
Construction: poly vinyl
Mfg. Warranty: 20 year guarantee
Shipping Weight: 78 lbs