Recycled Poly Lumber Plastic Bluebird Feeder - Taupe and Blue

$ 89.95

Made in the USA, this poly-lumber bluebird feeder is made from recycled plastic and milk jugs that make for a sturdy product that comes with a lifetime guarantee to never crack, split or fade. Poly-lumber is, literally, tough as nails. The feeder features stainless steel screws and thick acrylic panels and comes in a very attractive two tone blue roof and taupe colored base that is 5/8 inches in thickness. Additional features are shown below. Size is 13.5"L x 10.25"W x 8"H. Here is an item that is keeping our environment green for these beautiful blue birds. A 3 oz. clear mealworm cup is included with this feeder This item ships in 4-5 days.

 Additional Features include:

  • Aluminum rust resistant continuous hinges
  • Two holes in the poly lumber and two holes in the plexi-glass on each side for easy access & escape from predators
  • Holes are sized for bluebirds-1.5" diameter
  • Feeder can be mounted on a pole or hung (pole kit or hanging cable sold separately)
  • Indentation in the bottom for mealworms