Red Poppies and Birdhouse Wispy Grapevine and Silk Front Door Wreath

$ 79.95

This wreath will make a statement hanging on your front door. Our custom made to order decorative silk front door wreath measures 22” in diameter and features a green and white birdhouse nestled in the red poppy blooms on a partially exposed grapevine base. The silk flowers in the wreath feature colors of bright red poppies with accent flowers in purple, pink and white with lots of wispy greenery   Our artisans have covered ¾ of the grapevine wreath with flowers and exposed a piece of the grapevine to add color and creativity. Silk wreaths are the perfect way to express your personality on your front door or in your home. This wreath will be much loved by adults as well as children.  This wreath is so great, you will not want to ever put it away. Who says it is only for spring! Each wreath comes tightly boxed so it doesn’t get thrown all over the place during shipping, so… be sure to fluff it up a little once you hang it up. This item ships in 10-14 days.