River Rock Bird Bath with Water Dripper

$ 119.95

Our river rock, on the ground, bird bath will bring lots of birds to partake of water and bathe in this timeless piece. The water dripper will attract birds with the movement of water and it is a great item to add in your flower beds or sit it on your grass, or on your patio, to get the birds interested and ready for bathing. Made of durable tan fiberglass for long lasting outdoor use, you can safely use this year round to attract many birds to your garden. No electricity is required… just attach the dripper to your faucet supply and a fresh stream of water will continue to enter the bird bath, which you can regulate by easily adjusting the valve to control the flow of water from a very slow drip to a steady stream, which is especially helpful to fill your bath after cleaning. Included with this bird bath is 50' of ¼" tubing, regulating valve, faucet fitting and a Y valve. You can use this bird bath with or without the dripper. Size of birdbath is 25” wide x 18” deep x 5” high and weighs 15 pounds for easy mobility.  This item ships in 3-4 days.