Rusty Red Etched Metal Indoor/Outdoor Wall Sconce Lanterns with Flameless Candle (Set of 2)

$ 89.95

Light up your living space with these Rust Red Etched Metal Indoor/Outdoor Wall Sconce Lanterns! Perfect for creating a warm, inviting ambience, these eye-catching pieces add a decorative flair to any wall or table. The mirrored backs reflect light and shadows, creating unique patterns, and the included flameless candles come with a timer setting for 4 or 8 hours of daily illumination. Hang them for an instant party-ready effect or stand them up for an extra touch of charm - these lanterns never miss an opportunity! So, switch off those lights and turn on the fun! Each sconce is 7 1/4" wide x 4"  deep x 8 1/2" tall and comes with a keyhole mounting bracket on the back for easy hanging. These lanterns ship in 5-7 days.