Silver Stainless Steel Gazing Globe Garden Art Sculptures

$ 84.95

Year after year, these stainless steel gazing globes will keep on adding beauty to your garden. Available in 5 sizes, each stainless steel gazing globe offers the reflective quality of glass without the potential of breakage. The silver color is beautiful by itself and even more beautiful when it reflects the beauty around it, i.e. tree, flowers, rocks, pond. Add one to a gazing globe stand or just sit it on the ground on a pile of rocks and you will be creating a piece of garden art that is unique and beautiful, with minimal effort.  What we love about these globes is that you can use them in your garden all year long. They even look unique and beautiful with snow on them. The wind can blow it off your stand and it will not break. You can float them in your pond or lake or just let them beautifully reflect all that is around them. We have had one in our garden for over 15 years and it is still just as beautiful as the day we added it to our gazing globe stand. Wrought Iron stand not included. These items ship in 3-4 days.