Simplicity of Beige Decorative Front Door Wreath (23 inch)

$ 79.95

This handcrafted front door wreath is so colorful and beautiful that you can display it all year long. This magnificent wreath is 23 inches in diameter and is a spectacular piece for your front door, but equally beautiful indoors on a wall, over your mantle or even on an inside door.  Our wreaths are custom made to order and will be skillfully made by artisans who have an eye for detail and you will get to see the masterpiece firsthand. It has an assortment of silk beige flowers, with a touch of colorful berries with lots and lots of greenery to make the wreath look full and wispy and inviting and absolutely beautiful wherever you hang it. Each wreath comes tightly boxed so it doesn’t get thrown all over the place during shipping, so… be sure to fluff it up a little once you hang it up. This item ships within 2-3 weeks.