Single Chamber Cedar Bat House

$ 99.95

Made in the USA, this quality made bat house has been manufactured of weather-resistant cedar with a ¾-inch exterior plywood backing. It features cross-cut grooves that have been added for bat maneuverability as well as an extended landing for easy entrance and ventilation slot for air circulation. It can house 100 bats.

 Most people don’t like bats, but they consume hundreds of mosquitoes and other bugs an hour while feeding at night…creating an all-natural, and most desirable method of pest control in your neighborhood.

This house can easily be mounted on a garage, barn or pole, facing south or east is usually best direction. It is suggested not to mount this bat house on a tree, as it enables predators and tree branches interfere with the bats’ excellent flying abilities.

 It is suggested to place the bat house a minimum of ten feet or higher off the ground to protect against predators.  Another way to attract bats to their new home is to mount it near a water source, and, also away from bright lights.

This bat house has been designed by the Organization for Bat Conservation and they know what is a suitable home for bats. Size is 14"W x 24"H x 4"D and weighs 10 pounds.

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