Sleeping Dog or Cat Hand Carved and Hand Painted Wood Footstool

$ 74.95

Whether you are a cat lover or a dog lover, either or both of these beautifully detailed foot stools will add decorative touches to your home. They have been hand carved and hand painted and will provide you and your family with endless usefulness. Each one has a red collar, which really accents the wood stained detail. They are sure to become favorites in your home, in your garden or elsewhere… and great for adults and children.  These handcrafted pieces have been created by skilled artisans who have a love for their craft and an eye for detail. These stools are practical for many purposes and have endless usefulness both indoors and occasional outdoors for extra seating.  They have also been proven to be handy as bathroom stools for children, as well as seating stools for adults and children.  They are sturdy enough to endure years and years of use. Size is 10 inches tall x 11 inches in diameter. These ship in 4-5 days.