Star LED Illuminating Indoor/Outdoor Twinkler Lanterns

$ 49.95

These multifaceted and multi-functional decorative illuminating stars are available in 2 sizes, 15” and 22”. They are waterproof for outdoor use and equally great for the holidays and all year long… and best of all great for either indoor and outdoor usage. You can use them as a Christmas tree topper, hang them from the gutter hook or S-hook provided, or stick them in the ground with the garden stake that is included with each piece. They will arrive folded in half, just open and illuminate. When you want to put them away for a season or take them to another function, just fold them back down for easy storage or transportation. Best of all they come with a remote control so you can change the 8 color options as well as the optional color combinations and 6 flashing combinations. Our video will show you how great these actually work and how awesome they are. You can set the timer on each piece to 4, 6 or 8 hours of illumination. These ship in 4-5 days.

NOTE: Shipping of 1 or 2 items together costs the same price!