Super Duty Clean Up Canvas Tarp With Carrying Handles

$ 34.95

Our multi-purpose tarp has many uses… for collecting leaves in the fall, for cleaning up yard waste … for camping, it can be used under a tent … for your pickup, a bed cover when carrying a load that you don’t want to blow all over and so much more.  This tarp comes equipped with four reinforced soft grip interlocking rubber handles, making yard clean up easy to haul and without a mess!  Just lay the tarp flat and load with clippings, leaves, or debris and then secure your load with interlocking the four soft grip handles together. When done, just fold up the tarp and it will be ready for your next garden cleanup. Size is 79” x 73” and is made of woven polyethylene with reinforced edges and soft grip rubber interlocking handles. Save even more when you purchase 2 of these.  Save even more by purchasing them as a set of 2... these make for a great gift for any celebration… Christmas, birthday, housewarming, etc. Items ship in 5-7 days.